Monday, June 14, 2010

Cannot Process Command: Internal Error.

*Knock, knock. knock.*

Apple? Hello? Apple?


Is there anyone even home over at the Apple iPhone Web Apps site?

For the love of Pete already. After all of the hubub from Jobs about HTML 5, Safari 5, Web Apps, iPhone 4 and all of the other greatness spewing from the pores of Apple, you'd think maybe they'd have someone over there keeping an eye on the Web Apps site.

Intermittently, THE VAST MAJORITY of the web app links point to this lovely page:

Cannot Process Command: Internal Error.Cannot Process Command: Internal Error. I'm now having nightmares about this page! How many e-mails do I have to send!? How many forums need to be screaming!?

PLEASE... someone at APPLE... FIX THE DAMN LEAK. Oh... wait... wrong rant... Nevertheless!!! FIX IT ALREADY!

K. I feel better. Love you Apple. :)

If you're experiencing the same issue at, please leave a comment below. A few more voices couldn't hurt.


  1. It has been like this for weeks and driving me cuckoo too! Why can't they fix it?

  2. Anonymous11:20 PM

    Well, it's July and I am STILL getting that same error message when I try to download Apple iTunes 7.7.1. I need to use a converter app so I can check out an audio book from my library but that app won't work on 10.3.9 without iTunes 7.x!